Thursday, 18 July 2013

English training for East corporation teachers

NEW DELHI: To improve quality of English taught in its schools, the East corporation has started an in-service training institute in Dilshad Garden for its teachers. The institute, which was
inaugurated on Wednesday, will train teachers of 113 English medium schools and also help them improve teaching skills.

"These days, English is used more than Hindi, especially in metros. To succeed, English helps in a lot of ways and it is very important for the students to excel in the language. There will be a workshop addressing important aspects of English and teaching it to the children of primary schools, most of whom are first generation learners and come with diverse linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds," said Harsh Malhotra, education committee chairman, East corporation. He said after English, other subjects like maths and science will also be taken up.

The institute has come up in collaboration with Tech Mahindra Foundation. Another project, All Round Improvement in School Education ( ARISE), where Tech Mahindra has adopted the school for five years for an overall turnaround is underway.

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